Roof Restoration

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Roof restoration is when the surface of the roof is restored to its original condition. The roof can be cement tiles, colorbond, metal or terracotta tiles.

If the porosity of the roof is an issue then the roof needs to be replaced because application of any coatings/paint will not be a long term solution and cost you more in the long run.

Steps for Roof Restoration

  1. Detailed inspection to assess what action is necessary.
  2. Replace any broken tiles, checking water courses to ensure your roof is waterproof so there is no leaking during the cleaning process.
  3. High Pressure Cleaning using water pressure at 4000psi. to remove all dirt, moss, mould and lichen so we have a clean surface to apply the sealer/primer to.
  4. Valley Irons – remove old rusted valley irons and replace with new if required.
  5. Flashings – check, repair or replace if necessary.
  6. Re-bedding – remove all the old bedding (mortar), blow clean the surface and lay out the new bedding.
  7. Re-pointing – all the ridge, hip, gable and the valley tiles will be repointed. The pointing compound is flexible and will not crack as it is specially formulated to adhere to the ridge tiles.
  8. Gutters Cleaned – all leaves, dirt, rubble and debris is removed.
  9. Painting of the roof
    1. anti-fungal spray applied
    2. sealer/primer coat applied
    3. colour coat is applied
    4. top coat of colour applied
  10. We will leave you with 6 painted spare tiles on site.

Industry Terms

Rebedding & Repointing

Rebedding and repointing is the cement work on a tiled roof that secures and waterproofs the ridge capping, gable ends and valleys. It’s vital that the bedding and pointing is in good condition because this will protect your property from leaking, pests and storm damage.

Roof Valley & Valley Irons

Valley irons are the metal flashing that is under the cut tiles in the gully that runs up the roof. Properties that are over 30 years old are likely to have significant rusting of the valley irons. It is much cheaper to replace the valleys at the same time as rebedding and repointing.

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