Terracotta Tiles

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The terracotta tile roofing on your home needs maintenance and repair over time to retain its aesthetic appeal, as well as its safety. Terracotta tile roofing offers a luxurious and elegant appearance and to some extent keeps the temperature of the room cool in summer and warm in winter. However, over time your roof loses its glaze, and individual tiles begin to crack. The terracotta tile roof restoration experts at Sandhurst Roofing will take care of all aspects and restore your roof back to its original state.

Process clay is used to make Terracotta tiles, they are very robust and sturdy, but over time can become brittle and cracked due to weathering, hail storm damage, or damage from other external forces.Terracotta tiles are individual blocks of tiles placed next to each other, a crack on a single tile doesn’t affect its immediate neighbouring tile. This is why sometimes only tiles with cracks and breaks need to be replaced and not the entire roof. In some cases, all of the roof tiles have become far too brittle, and the whole roof will need to be replaced. Breakage, apart from external factors can be avoided by continual maintenance. Our team of experienced professionals are equipped to not only replace broken terracotta tiles but install the new tiles with precision and in conjunction can clean and condition the existing tiles to enhance your roofs longevity.

The roof surfaces meet at several edge lines, ridge capping is used to cover the space in-between the two surfaces. The ridge cap tiles are of a slightly triangular shape and are made from the same material as the rest of the roof tiles. Ridge caps are held to the terracotta tiles that cover the roof surface with a coating of mortar or flexible bedding compound. Their primary use is to prevent leaks by blocking roof cavities from any rainwater, as water accumulation can severely damage the inner structure of your roof. Over time the mortar that holds the ridge caps to the tiles loses its grip and is at risk of becoming cracked, compromising the stability of the ridge capping, allowing water to seep through.

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