What is flexible repointing?

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At Sandhurst Roofing we use industry leading techniques and apply flexible roof repointing materials on all our jobs.

What is flexible roof repointing?


Flexible roof repointing uses a combination of sand and acrylic materials, alongside cement mortar and is applied over the roof bedding.  This ensures your roof and ridge tiles are watertight and secure. Then, any loose tiles are secured and sealed. Flexible repointing not only seals your roof from water and moisture, it also prevents dust from entering your roof.

Flexible repointing materials expand and contract better than any other products on the market, such as cement, which is especially important in Victorian weather conditions. We suggest, that you keep your new roof well maintained and organise a ten yearly roof inspection. This will ensure the seals remain watertight and the flexibility maintained. If left unchecked, the pointing materials used may crack or deteriorate.

Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions, so you can research and make the most informed decision, for your roof repointing project:


What are the benefits of flexible pointing?


  • Flexible pointing is a sand and acrylic compound, so it can move more flexibly than cement alone.
  • It helps to prevent serious roof issues such as leaking, wall damage and the build up of mould.
  • The application of flexible roof repointing has health benefits. If water leaks into your home through the roof, it can create a nasty mould build up in the walls. This can be detrimental to you and your loved ones health.


Why is flexible pointing better than cement?


  • Cement is prone to cracking and unstable. It becomes especially brittle over time. Flexible pointing compounds are a more advanced product, eliminating these problems and provide a more watertight seal.
  • The flexible product used looks more appealing than cement. The use of cement in roof pointing and repair is outdated.
  • Flexible repointing can be applied in many different colours, to suit your property and enhance its aesthetic
  • the life of the cement under your ridges is actually extended, because the ridges can move more flexibly and in sync with your roof.


Do we use flexible pointing?


We certainly do! At Sandhurst Roofing we have highly skilled tradies with access to industry leading equipment and products. We like to stay ahead of our competitors, so we always ensure the best products are used, to provide a top quality service for our customers.


How long does flexible pointing take to dry?


Flexible pointing cures within 24 hours if kept dry. So we always check the forecast and ensure repairs are conducted on a weather appropriate day. If flexible pointing gets wet before it fully cures, it may jeopardise its water seal, flexibility and appear less smooth.


Is your work guaranteed?


Yes, we offer a 10 year guarantee on all of our flexible roof repointing projects. Also, our manufacturers offer warranties on all materials used, so you’re covered both ways and can feel confident your roof is in the best possible hands!


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