This article goes through the 5 most common reasons you may have a leaking roof.

Leaks in your roof can quickly become an extremely dangerous and expensive problem. Although some leaking roofs come with an easy fix, they can be an indication of a greater issue. We recommend that you seek professional advice when dealing with a leaking or damaged roof.

Below we identify the 5 most common causes of a leaking roof, and how to recognise this issue in the early stages.


1.Do you have an old roof?

Roofing although made to withstand extremely harsh weather, does whether and ware down over time. When roofing is left unmaintained and neglected it can become weakened, leaving it susceptible to cracks and leaks. Ever changing weather conditions can speed up the weathering of your roof, as well as extreme sun exposure. These conditions can cause tiles to become brittle. If you have an older home, and haven’t had your roof inspected in years, please consider contacting Sandhurst Roofing for a roof inspection.

2.Damaged tiles

Tiles are the outermost layer of protection on your roof; and can often be damaged when pelted with debris and harsh weather conditions. There also other sublayers to your roof that could be damaged, and the cause of the leaks. When this occurs it can be much harder for you to identify yourself. We recommend that you seek professional guidance.

When individual tiles are broken they can easily be replaced, but when there are multiple layers of damage, or damage to large areas of the roof tiling, we will thoroughly inspect the roof and recommend the solution that will suit your needs.

3.Built up debris

Build-up of small branches, leaves and other debris, can be detrimental to your roof, especially when not attended to for a long period of time. Debris will trap water on and around your roof, which can cause water to penetrate your roofing material and start to affect the fundamental structures within your roof. This can lead to the growth of mould, which will compromise the structural integrity of your roof.

One way to prevent this from happening is checking your gutters and roofing ever now and then, especially after a big storm or high winds. If you are unable to safely check your roof yourself, do not hesitate to give us a call on 0448 812 800, we will be more than happy to send one of our qualified roofers out to inspect your roof.

4.Cracking flashing and tiles

Underneath the tiles of your roof is flashing, it is a material that helps to water proof your roof. Cracked flashing is a common cause for a leaking roof. Always consult with a roofing professional to ensure that repairs are done thoroughly and safely. Sandhurst Roofing can help by doing a full roof replacement when the flashing has been cracked and is causing greater issues.

5.Clogged gutters

Similar to having a build-up of debris, clogged gutters can cause water to build up on your roof, eventually causing water to penetrate the roofs surface. Be aware of seasonal changes and how this may affect your gutters, for example we usually have more wet weather in winter, and a lot of leaves falling in autumn. The safest way to clear debris is to call in the professionals. Climbing up on your roof, especially after your roof has accumulated a large amount of water and debris, can be extremely dangerous. Call Sandhurst Roofing today, to keep your roof and gutters clean.

If you address a leaking roof quickly it can be an easy fix. Save your time and money by getting on top of things, and replacing damaged roof materials before they cause leaking.

Remember to contact a roof professional before beginning any significant roof projects. Sandhurst Roofing is available to help with all of your roofing needs, just give us a call today on 0448 812 800.

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