If you are searching for answers regarding the cost of repointing your roof, look no further. In this article we’ll outline the information needed regarding repointing, because it’s important that our customers are properly informed.

The cost of roof repointing is based around the type of tiles (terracotta or cement) and the number of ridge capping that needs to be repointed. When tiling your roof there are some important parts of the roof you need to know about: bedding, pointing and ridge capping.

  • Bedding is the cement mortar that holds the tile in place
  • Ridge capping is the join between two parts of the tiled roof
  • Pointing is a flexible material used to seal the gaps between the ridge capping and the tiled roof. The new flexible pointing compound is widely used in place of mortar, due to its strength and ability to allow slight movement of the tiles, reducing the risk of cracking and damage.

Roof pointing is an important part of the roof structure because it helps hold the roof tiles in place and keeps the roof waterproof. One of the most common roof repairs is repointing; because when the pointing becomes damaged, it can cause leaks and a weakening of the roof structure.

Factors To Consider When Repointing Roof

How Do You Know Your Roof Needs To Be Rebedded Or Repointed?

Repointing is a really good way to protect your home from serious damage. Some things that indicate your roof may need to be repointed are:

  • Loose or missing tiles
  • Leaks from the roof into the property
  • Excess moisture
  • Granules of mortar in your gutters or other parts of the roof
  • Current pointing is cracked or dried out
  • Water stains on ceiling or wall
  • Dampness in attic or loft

You may find mortar in your gutters, especially if your home was built before 1995 and hasn’t had the pointing looked at since. This is because the flexible pointing wasn’t widely used until after 1995. We recommend that you have a roof inspection if you’re unsure about your pointing, because your roof may be more prone to cracking and movement. If you’re unsure as to what type of pointing is on your roof, we will be more than happy to talk to you on 0448 812 800.

Cost Of Repointing Roof Ridge Tiles

Regardless of how well your roof was built there will always be some wear and tear on the ridge capping, pointing and bedding of your roof, due to external factors. Like most issues that arise within your home, it is recommended that you get qualified tradesmen to come and access the severity of the issue before making any decisions on how to move forward.

Some issues like cracks and gaps in the pointing between the ridge capping and roof tiles, will only require minor repointing repairs, however larger cracks and breaks in the mortar will require the roof to be fully rebedded. We believe that the bedding should not be disturbed unless it is absolutely necessary, hence why we will usually recommend our repointing services to anyone experiencing minor issues.

What Is Ridge Capping?

Ridge capping are the triangular shaped tiles that sit on the roof where two roof areas intersect. They are fixed onto the roof by bedding and pointing.

tiled roof with arrows for repointing

What Is Bedding And Pointing?

The ridge capping is held in position on a bed of cement mortar. This is the bedding. The bedding provides a solid base for the ridge capping to rest on.

Because the roof tiles are exposed to the elements and cement based mortar can be brittle, a flexible pointing compound is used to provide a watertight seal.

Flexible pointing compound is the industry standard and is available in a range of colours. It is applied over the bedding and this is what is meant by repointing the ridge capping.

Steps For Fully Rebedding Your Roof

  1. Ridge capping is fully removed
  2. Old mortar bedding is removed
  3. New bedding is laid
  4. Ridge capping is replaced, as well as any broken or missing tiles within the area
  5. The roof can now be repointed using flexible pointing compound

If we find any serious concerns during the process of rebedding, we will assess it and consult with you on how we will move forward with fixing your roof. This would only be the case where there has been substantial damage to the structure of the roof.

Roof Repoint Cost Melbourne

If your roof is not maintained and has serious damage, these small cracks and broken tiles can lead to flooding of the ceiling, causing water to run down walls, compromising the structural integrity of your home. This can also cause mould growth, which can become dangerous to your health over time. If you have any concerns about your roof, especially the pointing, call your local roofing specialists today, on 0448 812 800.

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