What Is A Roof Valley?

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Roof valleys are the troughs that form where two roof slopes meet. Their purpose is to collect water and move it away from the roof to a gutter.

Roof Valley Replacement

The lifespan of roof valleys can be up to 20 years. However, roof valleys will deteriorate over time. One of the leading factors that cause roof valleys to leak is leaves that get trapped. Wet leaves on roof valleys can cause corrosion and rust bubbles to form. Over time this may lead to holes. If you haven’t had your roof inspected for a while, the first sign that you need to replace your rusted roof valleys may be when you see a stain on your ceiling under the area of the roof that has a valley.

There are certain times when roof valleys in good condition get blocked up with leaves and debris. Under conditions of heavy rain, this can cause the water to backup and flood into the roof cavity.

If you are having the ridge capping repointed on a tiled roof, it makes sense to check the roof valleys are in good condition. Failing to do this could cost you more money down the track.

Replace Roof Valleys

The roof valley is an important component of the roof that needs to be properly inspected, cleaned and maintained. Sandhurst Roofing can provide a roof inspection and give you expert advice on what you need to do to ensure your roof is in great working order. Regular checking of your roof valleys will ensure that your roof and the integral structures of your home stay waterproof.

If your roof hasn’t been look at in years, then call us today on 0448 812 800. Our team will happily inspect all parts of your roof, including roof valleys. Usually your roof will wear over time, but unless you’ve been having major issues or leaks, it won’t be anything our roof restoration service can’t fix.

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