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This article goes through the factors involved with determing the cost to do a full roof restoration in Melbourne.

Do you want your roof looking as good as new? Then a roof restoration may be the solution for you. When the surface of the roof is restored it is made to be in its original condition. Roof restorations can be performed on cement and terracotta tiles, Colorbond or metal roofs.

Factors To Consider When Looking For Roof Restoration


  • Is your roof faded in colour and looking chalky?
  • Are you wanting to change the overall look of your property?
  • Does your roof need major repair works before restoration can occur?
  • Is porisity an issue for your roof? If so a restoration may not be enough

Colorbond Roof Restoration Cost


All roofs deteriorate over time and will eventually need to be restored.  This includes Colorbond roofs.  Below is our process for restoring and repairing existing Colorbond roofing:


  1. Install safety rails and cover roof section by section to ensure no water gets in
  2. Pressure clean the roof to remove any dirt, mould or grime so the surface of the roof is clean
  3. Replace screws on roof where required
  4. Replace roof sheets where required
  5. Apply rust solution to treat the affected areas of the roof and ensure ongoing protection
  6. Spray the roof using a 3 coat metal application process
  7. Quality check the job and get sign off
  8. Clean up any mess we made, leaving the job site clean and tidy

5 Reasons Why You May Need A Roof Restoration


  1. Flaking of the original paint
  2. Improve face value of the home
  3. Time for a change to the homes exterior
  4. Pointing and/or bedding is cracked and breaking
  5. Damage from the elements

We recommend a thorough inspection before deciding to restore your roof, as there may be issues that require more work than first expected. In some more severe cases, we may even need to discuss a re-roofing solution with you.

5 Instances A Roof Restoration May Not Be Enough:


  1. Leaking from the roof and water in the walls
  2. Sagging and peeling of the ceiling inside the home, as well as dark patches
  3. How is your roof? Rule of thumb is that a roof last 20-25 years before replacement should be considered
  4. The growth of mould or rotting of the roofs timber structures
  5. Loose roofing materials, this includes tiles, guttering and other materials used around places where the roof has been altered (eg. Chimneys, vents, sky lights)

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