How Long Does A Roof Restoration Last?

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This blog will explain all about how long does a roof restoration last? The Sandhurst Roofing restoration process means that your roof will be restored to its original state. We perform restorations on all types of roofs, including: cement tile, colorbond, metal or terracotta tile roofs.

Many companies will claim that their roofs or restorations will last a life time, this simply isn’t true. Even with the best workmanship and materials will wear over time. Our restorations will last approximately 15 years, this may vary due to the conditions your roof is exposed to. If you experience severe weather conditions that have caused damage, then it is more likely that the lifespan or your restoration will be less.

Factors That Determine How Long A Roof Restorations Last

Every step of a roof restoration is important. When a roof is not correctly prepared, repaired and coated, existing imperfections will continue to worsen and compromise the roof’s integrity.


Roof cleaning is the first and most important step to ensuring your roof restoration lasts. We remove all debris, which leaves nothing to interfere with the roof membrane adhesion. If there is any debris, like dirt or peeling paint left, the new paint will be more likely to lift and peeling. To clean we use a high pressure cleaning system of up to 400psi.

Repairs will need to be done as well as cleaning to prepare for painting your roof. Any broken or cracked tiles will also need to be replaced, to ensure an even surface for paint application.

Quality Of Products

Your roof could be perfectly cleaned, repaired and painted, but if the quality of the products used is questionable, the job won’t last as long. Poor quality products will leave your roof compromised after repairs. The quality of your paint will also impact how long it lasts; if you are quoted with average products you may pay less in the beginning but it will end up costing more in the long run.

Paint Application

Applying paint seems easy from a far, but there are many factors that will determine the precision of application. The angle of the gun, nozzle size, amount of product, they all need to ensure optimal results.

Our team are highly qualified and trained in all aspects of roof restoration, meaning you will never be disappointed.

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