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Can you paint Colorbond roof? Yes. The cost to paint your colorbond roof involves several factors. This article will provide you with enough information to determine how much it will cost to paint your colorbond roof.

The cost is per square metre and we take into account whether the flashing needs to be fixed, joins resealed and the roof re-screwed.

Painting your Colorbond roof is a cost effective way to rejuvenate your roof without undergoing a full roof replacement or restoration. However, we do recommend getting a proper inspection prior to re-painting, just to be certain that there are no other areas that need our attention.

Factors Involved With Determining The Cost Of Painting Colorbond Roofing


The cost of your Colorbond paint job is determined by several factors;

  • Existing condition of the roof and whether there are any serious issues like rust or damage that need repairing
  • The size of the roof – the more surface area there is the more it will cost to paint
  • The design of the roof – the complexity of the roof design can add more cost
  • Access – depending on how difficult it is to access the roof may add cost
  • Steepness – in some cases access equipment may be needed to paint the roof because it’s too hard to stand on
  • Number of storeys – generally a single storey roof is cheaper than a double or triple storey home


Reasons Why You Should Re-paint Your Colorbond Roof:


  • Hard to remove staining
  • Fading of colour, becoming less vibrant, affecting the look of your home
  • Overtime flaking and bubbling of the paint can happen, this is due exposure to the elements
  • Damage from things like branches, animals etc. can cause scratches and flaking
  • If you live close to the ocean you may experience the effects of sea water exposure
  • Aesthetic reasons – moving to a new home and you want to change the colour of the roof

The Colorbond Roof Painting Process:


  1. Full inspection – the roof will be inspected to gage whether any extra work will need to be done or whether it will only require the paint job
  2. Preparation/Pressure Washing – the roof will be pressure washed using special detergents to ensure that the surface is clean, allowing for maximum binding of the new paint. If there is any sign of rust under any flaking paint, the roof would need to be prepared using a specialised treatment.
  3. Priming – applying a primer helps the new paint stick to the surface. Most Colorbond paints do not require priming because the paint includes a priming agent. Any bare metal will require priming 
  4. Painting – Colorbond roof paints are a highly specialised type of paint. They are water based acrylic membranes designed specifically for metal roofs, and are best applied using a high pressure spray gun
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